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Bow Tie Pin

This bow tie pin is perfect for theiform and social function. The pin is made of game heavy fabric and is browned with game accents. The pin is also bow tie specific with a game inspired design.

Best Bow Tie Pin

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Bow Tie Pin Ebay

The bow tie pin is a ferucc combo set that includes a large, black velvet bow tie; and a lapel pin made of sterling silver, on a white background. This piece is large, making it perfect for over-the-top bow tie moments! this bow tie pin is a vintagerhinestone bow tie brooch gray pin. It is made of a colorful rhinestone and has a gray pin on it. the 16129 rotary - bow-tie locking cotter pin 80 piece kit is a great way to keep your bow ties safe and secure. This kit includes 80 pieces that can be stuck into any cotter pin design. The pin can also be inserted into a variety of ways to make it more challenging andlockable. this bow tie pin is a great way to show your camaro logo. It has the camaro logo in a small font on the pin. The pin is 1-inch in diameter and has a bow tie feel to it.